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June 28th, 2021 | Mr Martin’s Mansion

Speaker: Roddy Greig

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On 28 June, 2021, we hosted the sixth of our monthly talks on ZOOM.  The speaker was one of our own Trustees, Roddy Greig, who gave a splendid talk on “Mr Martin’s Mansion”. There was a good on-line attendance, which included James and Elizabeth Henderson, the present owners of the “Mansion” (“Rosemount”).

Roddy explained that he has been doing “House Histories” of a number of older and interesting houses in Cupar and district, of which “Rosemount” in Riggs Place is the most recent. This imposing house was built in the early 1800s and appears on the 1820 John Wood map of Cupar. Roddy was able to show both historic pictures of the house and more modern photos, kindly provided by the present owners. He explained that the house was under serious threat of early demolition in the 1840s, with the coming of the railway to Cupar.  However, the campaigning work of Mr Crichton whose statue is nearby and others, saw a new main road built into town behind the house, and over a new railway bridge.  “Rosemount” was spared, and Roddy described changes and extensions made to the house over the next 170 years.

The talk moved on to the various owners of the house.  An early owner was Mr Alex. Martin, a well-known Surveyor in Cupar and area. Roddy described his work, which included many surveys and maps of Fife and Kinross. In 1832, Mr Martin and his family emigrated to New York, where he continued his surveying work, producing a fine map of Brooklyn, preserved today in the Brooklyn Public Library.  

After the well-known Mr Martin, Roddy described other owners of “Rosemount”, including David Ross, the Innes’ and Andersons.  There was a lively discussion after the talk, with Bruce Rollo and Bill Pagan both recalling social visits to the lovely house many years ago. Mr and Mrs Henderson were pleased to be living there now and to have learned more about their house and its history. At the end of an excellent evening, Roddy was given a very warm vote of thanks by the audience.