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Research service for Cupar Heritage Members Only

We can provide a free research service to members of Cupar Heritage within the following guidelines. Please note that we do not conduct genealogical research for family history. Fife Family History Society should be your point of contact at

Your Cupar Heritage membership Identity if known should accompany your request.

The time spent on any enquiry will not exceed two hours.

If it is necessary to consult records held by archives in Fife or elsewhere, the member will be advised of the travel costs and likely fee.

Expenses will be charged even if no information is discovered.

Research expenses are to be paid in advance of forwarding a reply to an enquiry.

As we are dependent on the goodwill and time of volunteers, response times may be subject to delay.

If our researcher considers that there is a likelihood that further research beyond the initial 2 hours may be productive, we will consult with you with estimated costs prior to going ahead.