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Upcoming exhibitions in 2024

Toll Schedule from Struthers Toll 

Cupar Museum acquired the original Toll Schedule from Struthers Farm where it had been stored on a garage wall since 1913. It would have been displayed originally on the Struthers Toll-House which stood at a point on the A916 and its junction with the old road to Ceres and St Andrews. The board was erected in 1860.

Our picture shows our volunteers in process of moving the Toll Schedule to the Museum.

The Listeners

This exhibit explores the pioneering work that took place during the early days of transatlantic radio telephone communication between Britain and the United States. Sites were established at Kemback and later at Cairngreen for reception of calls, which were then transferred by G.P.O. landline to the main trunk system. A further development in the early stages of the Second World War saw the establishment of a Y Intercept Station at Hawklaw, on a hill to the north of Cupar. Hawklaw proved its worth by intercepting diplomatic and military traffic of value to the war effort, with strong links to Bletchley Park decoding centre. Post-war, Hawklaw continued to intercept intelligence material for G.C.H.Q. until 1988 when it became redundant due to satellite technology.

A history of food and drink in Cupar and District

Food and drink is the mouth-watering theme for Cupar Museum’s 2024 Exhibition. Our displays chart the story of food and drink with particular emphasis on our local area, celebrate our distinctive local produce and look at what was grown, how it was processed, distributed, consumed, and enjoyed.

Visitors can discover our evolving food and drink story from the dawn of history to the present day and learn about Cupar’s iconic eating places and pubs. 

We also want to learn from visitors about their own recollections in the decades after the Second World War, how they experienced new tastes when new flavours were introduced from beyond the United Kingdom.