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Who are we?

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Cupar Museum

Cupar Museum and Heritage Centre is an independently funded membership organisation, established as a local museum for the benefit of the local community and visitors to our area.

Cupar Heritage was formerly known as HAL (Heritage Arts and Leisure) Cupar. The name-change in March 2009 signified a move to a more formalised organisation able to carry forward a museum project which had been for many years a local pipe dream without any means of it being realised. The charitable status put us on a sound operational footing, provided greater security for the museum and its collections, and opened-up new funding opportunities. It was a development that yielded positive benefits for both Cupar Museum and Heritage Centre and the wider community.

We rely entirely upon volunteers to operate all aspects of the museum, from governance, financial management, maintenance, care of collections and networking with external agencies.

Our organisation is a registered charity with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, SC043605.

We became a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation on 28th November, 2012. Our governing body are the Trustees, elected in rotation by members at the Annual Members’ Meeting each year.

The Current Trustees, 2023 are:-

Chairman: Guthrie Hutton
Trustees: Ian Copland, Treasurer, Mike Edwards, Minute Secretary, Ken Cameron, Catherine Collins, Roderick Greig, Wynne McManus, Hilda Scott, Gavin Waddell.

Our Constitution is appended for information.

Due in part to our Charitable status, Cupar Museum and Heritage Centre is consulted regarding proposals for projects involving alterations, improvements, maintenance and changes to the buildings and streetscape of Cupar.