The museum will be open to visitors with effect from Sunday, 20th June between 2.00 and 4.00 p.m. and each Sunday thereafter until further notice.

Visits out with these times may be arranged by using the contact form on our web site or by leaving a message on 01334 844979. Please note that the maximum number of visitors that we can accommodate is limited to five at a time.

The Museum welcomes visitors and has amassed a wide variety of Cupar related photographs, documents and artefacts which are on display in the Centre.

Our exhibition illustrates important aspects of the history of Cupar from early Pictish past, the town centre of the late 19th Century to more recent past events.

Cupar Museum and Heritage Centre is located in the former house at the east end of the Cupar Railway Station building. A historical building itself, we are very proud to go onwards into the 21st century within this magnificent 19th century building.


Cupar Museum is an independently funded organization, established as a local museum for the benefit of the local community and visitors to our area.

We rely upon the goodwill of visitors, subscribing members of Cupar heritage and occasional grant aid to exist.

Volunteers with a range of skills are always welcome to join us.

Cupar Heritage Trustees, 2020 – 2021
Guthrie Hutton – Chair

Trustees: Mike Edwards, Fiona Henderson, Brian Murray, Hilda Scott, Gavin Waddell, Ken Cameron, Bruce Reid, Wynne Harley, John McManus.

All images © Cupar Museum and Heritage Centre


“causerie”, a short piece of writing in conversational style

The Causerie will inform, engage and intrigue with aspects of the town’s past and present.


    Simply use the “Contact Us Form” to make your request.

    Visits outwith the opening times by individuals or groups may be arranged given a few days’ notice. No entry charges apply but a commitment to make a donation is required. 

    Support the future of your Heritage 
    You can help by:-
    Joining the Society – Member’s subscription is £20 per annum.
    (You can use the contact form to apply).
    • Donating artefacts, ephemera, or pictures.
    (These can be copied if you don’t want to part with them)
    • Coming along to our Talks 

    Donating to our collection
    The Centre welcomes donations of interesting objects from the past with links to the Cupar area. Donated objects are held by the Cupar Heritage charity of behalf of the local community. Anyone wishing to add to the collection should use the contact form. All items acquired or donated, will be properly processed, carefully stored, and then kept as part of a public collection.