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Contact us

    Please use the enquiry form to contact us if you wish to visit outside advertised opening hours or telephone 01334 844979.

    This can be arranged for individuals or groups at a few days’ notice. No entry charges apply but a commitment to donate to our funds would be appreciated.

    Donating to our collection

    The museum welcomes donations of interesting objects, photographs and documents from the past with links to the local area. Donated items will be held by the museum on behalf of the community.

    Anyone wishing to add to the collection should use the enquiry form. All items acquired will be properly documented, stored with care and the donor will be acknowledged if donated items are exhibited. 

    Visitors to the museum can also bring objects into the museum for our consideration if they so wish. If it is not possible for you to call in person, our volunteers will make contact to arrange a visit to your home.